Q&A for BTS Stade de France concerts in June 2019

BTS concerts in June 2019 in Paris

We have received many messages on our social medias accounts following the sales for the concerts on June 7th and 8th 2019 in the Stade de France. We need to highlight several points so everyone can prepare themselves for the concert and enjoy it fully. We made a list with all your recurrinq questions and we will now answer them and add some advice.

This article will be updated with the new information from Big Hit Entertainment and from the Stade de France.

Stadium Doors open at 4:30pm (French time).

Concert should begin at 8pm.


Q&A on the Stade de France website: HERE

When you bought your e-ticket, you should have received a confirmation email for your order with either a link to a pdf document you can download and print, or a link to your personal account on the website of the seller (like Ticketmaster, Fnac, Leclerc, etc) from where you can choose the name that has to be put on the ticket and then download it.

If it’s a paper ticket, you will either receive it by mail or you can retrieve it in the shop of the seller (a supermarket, etc).

You can use the hashtag #VenteBTSxParis to exchange or sell your tickets. In that case, we have some advice for you:


#VenteBTSxParis in English

#VenteBTSxParis 2nd page in English

We created the hashtag #TogetherBTSxParis to help ARMYs in finding people with whom you carsharing, places to lodge, etc.

Note that there are also several carsharing websites in your country and in France.

For lodging, as Paris is a highly touristic city and the concerts take place on the Pentecost week-end, we advise you to look as soon as possible for the place where you will be able to sleep after the concert.

Rented flats or bedrooms (Youth hotels, AirB&B, hotels) are on high demand. You will probably have to rent farther away from the Stade de France that you would like to, so anticipate the use of transportation between the stadium and your housing (for public transportation, see the tab section below).

The Stade de France is located in Seine-Saint-Denis, at the crossroads of the A1 and A86 motorways. Here are our tips on the best ways to access it.

By public transportations

The Stade de France is particularly well served by public transportartions, with a strengthening of services (RATP and SNCF) days of events! Only ten minutes from the center of Paris!

The Stade de France is easily and quickly accessible from the Gare du Nord by public transport. The RER and the metro are the best way to get around the traffic jams on the days of matches and shows at the Stade de France.

If you want to know the hours and the lines for the buses, tramways, underground trains and regional trains, it’s here on the RATP website (Several languages are available).



RER B: station La Plaine Stade de France

RER D: station Stade de France – St Denis


By metro :

Metro St Denis – Porte de Paris (Line 13)


Tramway :

Tram line T1 : station Saint-Denis Basilique


Bus :

Bus 139 (Saint-Ouen RER ⬄ Porte de la Villette),

Bus 153 (Porte de la Chapelle ⬄ Stains-Moulin Neuf),

Bus 173 (Porte de Clichy ⬄ La Courneuve-May 8, 1945),

Bus 255 (Porte de Clignancourt ⬄ Stains-Les Prévoyants) and

Bus 350 (Paris-Gare de l’Est – Roissypole)


Tip : it is faster to walk from the RER station B, D or metro to the Stade de France.

From metro line 13 take the gateway to the dock – arrival to gate N,

From the RER D walk along F. Mitterrand street and then left on President Wilson street – arrival to the U door,

From the RER B walk along Avenue de France – arrival to door A.

You arrive by train

From Gare du Nord, two alternatives

go down in the 3rd basement and take: the RER B – direction of Mitry-Claye-CDG Airport 1 and 2 – stop « La Plaine-Stade de France »

the RER D – direction Creil – stop « Stade de France ».

These two RER lines will drop you off at the nearest station at the Stade de France. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes walk to reach the site.


From Gare de Lyon

RER D – direction Creil – stop Stade de France. Follow the signs to walk to the Stadium.


From Gare Montparnasse, two alternatives

metro line 13 – direction Saint-Denis University – exit at the station « Saint-Denis-Porte de Paris », walk about 10 minutes along the N1 and the signs, cross the canal (gateway to the lock)

metro line 4 – direction Porte de Clignancourt – get off at « Gare du Nord » station and take either the RER B or RER D, exit at the Stade de France station. In both cases you have to walk the rest of the way following the signs.

How to go from Paris airport to the Stade de France?

From Roissy CDG :

RER B – direction Robinson or St Rémy lès Chevreuse – stop « La Plaine Stade de France » (about 30 min minimum journey from CDG1). Follow the signs and walk about 15 minutes.

In the event of a break on the RER line B from Roissy CDG : take bus 350 and get off at Gare du Nord. Enter the station and get off at level – 3, take the RER D to Orry-la-Ville – stop « Stade France Saint-Denis ». Follow the signs on foot.


From Orly :

OrlyVal shuttle to Antony, take the RER B towards CDG airport or Mitry-Claye – stop « La Plaine Stade de France » (1 hour minimum journey). Follow the signs on foot (about 15 minutes).

In case of problems on the RER line: take the Orlybus to Denfert-Rochereau. Take the RATP bus n ° 38 towards Gare du Nord. You must enter this station and get off at the 3rd basement to take the RER D – direction Orry la Ville – and get off at the station « Stade de France Saint-Denis ». Finish the walk by following the signs.

By car :

Located just 2km north of Paris, the Stade de France is at the junction of the A1 motorway (exit 2 Stade de France) and the A86 (exit 9 Saint Denis – La Plaine Stade de France). La France).

The parking spot must be booked beforehand on the Stadium website. It costs 25€.

Otherwise,you can book in the Parking Q-Park Saint-Denis University which is not far (Rue Toussaint Louverture) .

Where can you eat before the concert start?

During the concert: at the catering stands in the stadium or delivered to your seat (not for pitch tickets).

To enjoy BTS concerts, the purchase of an ARMY BOMB (official lightstick) is recommended but not mandatory. The one we use nowadays is the version 3, controlled by Big Hit Entertainment during the concerts to create beautiful light oceans.

Where do you buy one?
How do you use your Army Bomb?

The Stade de France has a detailed list on their website about all the forbidden AND allowed objects. If Big Hit has specific demands, we will let you know.

Q&A on the Stade de France website

Camera are not allowed (even small sizes) at the express demand of Live Nation / Big Hit Entertainment.

We want to emphazise that the Stadium security and the French police force won’t hesitate to restrain anyone that will not agree with the security protocole and / or that will have a dangerous behavior. The level of monitoring by the police and the army (military forces, not our fandom!) will be so high that we really want to make sure that as much ARMYs as possible know the rules as soon as possible and act accordingly

+ We ask of you dear readers to be proactive on the days of the concerts: if you see something that is against the rules or dangerous for the public, please report it as discreetly as possible to the staff or the police officers. Do not endanger yourself. 

Some ARMYs have created a twitter account  Where R U sit Army to help people find their neighbors during the concerts (block by block). A very nice way to meet fellow ARMYs, struck friendships and help each other.

Concerts will be at the beginning of June, so the risk of a warm weather is high, in the afternoon as in the evening. There are a few things that you need to bring to enjoy your time with other ARMYs and the show. More so, if you are present at the Stadium several hours before the start of the concert (for example to buy merch), we wish for you to be ready for the long wait. Here is our list of things you need to have with you:

  • a parental consent letter if you are under 16
  • sunglasses
  • hat / cap (if the weather forecast predict a sunny day)
  • fan (see the weather forecast)
  • sun cream (see weather forecast)
  • foldable umbrella (depending on the weather) and raincoat /poncho
  • water bottle: in the stadium only bottle smaller as 50cl are allowed, the bigger ones will have to be disposed off in a trash can before the concert. 
  • snack food
  • your medication if you are under treatment (with a receip from your doctor). Precisions: ventoline for asthma is allowed and people who need insuline will have to DM Stade de France on twitter with their name, concert place / access gate, type of treatment (brand, number of syringe, etc).
  • opera glasses
  • cellphone charger and a fully charged cellphone 
  • a small wallet with the money needed for your day purchases (don’t take with you all your papers and money, just the essential)
  • a plastified document (small size) with all your emergency informations in your language AND in English: who should be contacted, blood type and rhesus, allergies, noteworthy illnesses or disabilities, etc 

Example for a Parental letter consent for minors who will attend the BTS concerts with someone who is not their legal guardian (You can find better written ones on internet):

Parental Consent for a minor

Firstname NAME
Mailing adress
Tel : ________
Email : ________

Stade de France

93200 Saint-Denis, France

(Your location), (date)

To whom it may concern,

I, ___________, living ___________ , legal guardian / mother / father  of __________, authorize him / her to attend the BTS concert on June 7th / 8th in the Stade de France.

The adult in charge of my child will be _______.


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