Presentation of the association "les Bouchons d'Amour"

You may have never heard of the association Bouchons d’Amour, so here is a quick introduction:

The association has been founded in 2001 at Jean-Marie Bigard’s initiative, a French humorist, and was first called « 1 bouchon = 1 sourire » (1 lid = 1 smile »). In 2005, after the growth of the association, the name changed to Bouchons d’Amour (= Lids of Love).

Their mission is to collect plastic lids (except drugs and toxic bottles’ lids), those lids will then be sold 300€/ton to the company CABKA that will recycle the plastic to make reusable plastic transport pallet with a 300 years lifespan.

The amount received from the sale is then used to fund projetcs with the associations working with disabled people Handi-Chiens (trained dogs) and Fédération Française Handisport (sportiv equipment for disabled people).

Contact informations of the association Bouchons d’Amour:


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Collecte de bouchons en plastique par les Bouchons d'Amour
Plastic lids collected. They will be sorted and then packed in bags (100L = 10 to 12 kilogrammes).

As you can see, this collect of plastic lids has two aims:

  • recycling plastic lids
  • funding projects for disabled people


les Bouchons d'Amour financent des projets de l'association Handi-Chiens
Funds given to the association Handi-Chiens.
Tri des bouchons dans les locaux de l'association
Sorting of the lids.
les bouchons vont être récupérés dans une benne.
The lids are brought to the truck (1 bag = 10 to 12 kg of lids)
les bouchons remplissent la benne
Bags are poured in the truck that will bring them to the CABKA factory.

Partnership between Stade de France and Bouchons d’Amour

Stade de France has supported the association Bouchons d’Amour for several years.

At each food stands and other restaurants from Sodexo, those in charge of the catering at the stadium, there are a collect of the plastic lids from the bottles they are selling. The collect takes also place at the gate of the stadium.

bouchons pour la collecte (Bouchons d'Amour)
Example of plastic lids that you can bring

Article written by #Liviah