Donations projects for the BTS concerts at Stade de France

BTS has shown us many times how much they are generous: donations to orphanages, to animal refuges, to educative programs or even with the creation of the Love Myself campaign in partnership with UNICEF…

ARMYs from around the world have united their efforts several times to also make meaningful donations in the name of BTS. During the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, the fanbase @OneInAnARMY, whch promote associations and NGOs each month and for special events, has decided to showcase a local association for each city visited. 

For the two days in Stade de France,  BTS ARMY France, Projet BTS France and One In An ARMY have worked together to promote two associations that are dear to our hearts and another that has a partnership with the Stade de France. Here they are:

Love Myself (campaign UNICEF / BTS)

ARMYs,support this campaig! For more informations, know that the campaign has raised more than 2M dollars since its launch. 

You will find more informations on the official introduction page of the campaign.

To donate:  it’s HERE on the official page. Use the name « BTS ARMY » for your donation!

OR by sending, when in France, a SMS to the following number with the adequate text depending on your donation:

projets de dons pour les concerts de BTS au Stade de France: dons à l'UNICEF
ARMYLoveMyself la nouvelle étape de la campagne Love Myself

World Food Programme

The World Food Programme is one of the UN organism. We have chosen to support two of their initiatives.

Share The Meal:

With a gift of 0.40€ you will feed 1 child for 1 day. Find all the explanation on their website or in the video below.

FreeRice is an educative game that helps people to learn (or revise their exams) while giving out grains of rice to WFP.

One In AN ARMY challenged ARMYs in every countries tojoin the group « BTS ARMY » on the game plateform and to collect as much grains as possible before June 13th, the 6th debut anniversary of BTS.


Some numbers:

48 grains = 1g

1 ration/pers/day = 400g

If 100 000 ARMYs collect 1000 grains each… The group « BTS ARMY » would collect 100M grains of rice!

100M grains = 2083 kg of rice


How to proceed?

Register on the game plateform:

Click on the menu in the left top corner and chose « Groups ». Add the code for the ARMYs group: HH7RY6NH

Verify you don’t have adblocks on your phone or computer, as the game is funded by the ads that will appear on the screen.

Go back to the menu to chose your difficulty level and then the category for the questions. You have quite a few choice of categories as seen in the pictures below.

projets de dons pour les concerts de BTS à paris: soutien à WFP et freerice
catégories du jeu freerice de WFP
les sciences sont une des catégories que vous pouvez réviser / apprendre sur freerice de World Food Program

Let see how many grains of rice we can collect until June 13th! We hope we can succeed in having a large number to help as best as possible the food programme of the United Nations!

Bouchons d’Amour

ARMYs, how could we show our gratitude to the Stade de France for welcoming BTS in France? In supporting their partnership with the association Bouchons d’Amour!

On the stadium website, we can see that they have steady and fruitful partnerships with several caritative associations. The one called Bouchons d’Amour is the one we think would be the more appropriate during the concerts of BTS to give our thanks to the stadium, as we can all participate. 

We just have to bring our plastic lids to the collect points that the stadium has already (food stands outside the stadium or at the entrance gate). Lids coming from your home or from the bottles you will buy near the stadium, leave them all to the collect points and do a good deed!

This is a simple thing to thank the Stade de France for all they have prepared for the concerts. And it’s a support to a French association that has two aims: recycling and funding projects helping disabled people. We have prepared an article presenting the association for those who don’t know it HERE

ARMYs, show how our teamwork and Bangtan’s message can be a source for good! Be an #AnpanARMY !

Give at least a little something to the Love Myself campaign, buy a meal for a child and play on FreeRice at the same time you educate yourself! And show thankfullness to the stadium by supporting their on going partnership by bringing some plastic lids!

With all our love: BTS ARMY France, Projet BTS France and One In An ARMY.