Projects for the concerts in Stade de France on June 7th and 8th

We were all impatiently waiting for this announcement. Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency, answered us to allow us the management for the banners projects for the concerts in Stade de France on both days in Paris: June 7th and 8th, in partnership with the French fanbase Projet BTS France.

To carry out these projects, we will need your help! 

First, we would like for you to complete the following form « Vos phrases pour le projet bannière »  (= « Your propositions for the banners projects ») with your ideas. We will look closely at all your suggestions and we will come back to all of you ARMYs to let you choose from our selection based on your sentences.

Our graphists will work hard to create gorgeous banners that we, ARMYs, will be proud of. Banners that will make BTS proud too. Together, we will make the two days in Stade de France the best and most unforgettable concerts for everyone!

But for the projects to see the light of day, we will also need a completely different kind of help. We, ARMY France and Projet BTS France, are launching right now a pool to collect the money we will need to print the banners for both days.

The total amount for the projects is 6200€ , for both days.

As you know it, the concerts are in two months and we have to deduce the time for printing the banners and deliver to the Stade de France from this alloted time. We hope many of you will help us with a donation and that you will share the information around you.

The deadline for the donations is may 20th 2019 so we can have enough time to print the banners. To take part in the pool, it’s really simple and several options are offered.

1/ Directly from our website, in the menu ARMY FRANCE « Faire un don », or by clicking on « Donation » below.

2/ You can also send us a donation via Paypal to the email adress

We have to be honest with you, Paypal will take some fees as we are now an association (non-lucrative association per French law). We thank you to consider this when you donate to us.

3/ With a bank transfert. ARMY France has now a bank account as we are an association. Here is the IBAN:

IBAN: FR 76 15629027170004214890156