K-pop : 2.6 million pre-orders for BTS' next album

Le Figaro, written by Léa Dubois – 20/03/2018 translation from French by JJ

Named Map The Soul : Persona, the group’s new album, accomplished this feat in only five days, even before any teaser revealed the first notes to the public. Eagerly awaited through the world, it will be released on april 12th.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In 2013, BTS tweeted « Teamwork makes the dream work ». Six years later, and this sentence raised as a moto, nothing seems to be able to stop the growing success of the south-korean group, supported by an increasingly numerous fan community. In 2018, both their albums Love Yourself : Tear and Love Yourself : Answer ranked among the three best sales of the year according to the INFPI, with respectively 2.3 and 2.7 million of copies sold across the globe. With the announcement of the new opus named Map of The Soul : Persona scheduled to be released on april 12th, BTS just beat their own record of pre-orders in a 5 days span.   

All that was needed to rally the fans of the group, the “ARMY”, was an announcement by BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment. Even before the first images of a music video or the first notes of a new song has been released by the group, the pre-orders flew to reach 2.685.030 copies. A record number registered by the distributor iRiver between march 13th and march 17th  according to Billboard. To compare, Love Yourself : Answer pre-orders reached 1.511.910 before its release in 2018.

A first clue put the idea in the fans’ head when BTS appeared at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. In the introduction video, the message « I’ll show you the map of the soul » had been slipped in discreetly. On march 11th, BigHit announced the release of Map of the Soul on Twitter.

That was also the only information given to the fans. With this title, BTS made a direct reference to the book Jung’s Map of The Soul written by the psychoanalyst Murray Stein in 1998. It’ a common practice for the group : in 2017, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula Le Guin inspired the framework for the music video of the song Spring Day, while in 2016, Demian by Herman Hesse inspired the one for Blood, Sweat and Tears. The promise is the following : BTS’ next album will continue, like the others, to explore the mysteries of the individual.

Accepted as american mainstream

With a growing success, the seven members of the group conquered the USA to the point where they have gained their first mention by one of the most famous cartoon : The Simpsons. In a recent episode dedicated to e-sports, the eccentric family fly for South-Korea. At the corner of a street, while young Lisa is looking for the place of a competition, a board displays « BTS here today ! ». Another board indicates the « Recruit center for BTS ARMY ». An acknowledgment that the fans of the cartoon and the group hurried to share on social networks.

victoire aux MAMA 2018. Les pré-commandes dépassent les 2,68M pour MOTS: Persona; ce qui en fera probablement l'un des albums les plus vendus de 2019.